Feng Shui and the Front Door

The Mouth of ChiFeng Shui is a Chinese philosophy based on the organization and placement of objects throughout a space for optimal “flow of energy”. Likewise, different objects have various degrees of power and relevance when pertaining to the overall “feng shui” of a space. One of, if not the most important element of this practice is the Front Door entrance to a home and its color.

The Mouth of Chi: The Front door is considered to be the entrance or “mouth” of chi into a home. It’s here that the energy is taken in first, and distributed throughout the home. Depending on the quality and set-up of your entrance, will determine the levels and quality of energy being dispersed throughout the interior.

Placement of the Door


Depending on where the door is located and facing in your home, makes all the difference in the element and color of Feng Shui being utilized in that area. If the door is facing East, its element is wood which is characterized by the colors green and brown. East is natural and comforting in the philosophy of Feng Shui, if you cannot use these colors with your home try looking up a “productive cycle” for Feng Shui online for more options.


Because the door is technically facing “East” the same color wheel of wood, green and brown can be used for this entrance. However, the Southeast face is commonly related to the “money and wealth” Chi, so a light or dark blue would definitely be appropriate for this door.


South is one of, if not the most commanding of all Feng Shui energy, the element of “Fire”. Red is the first choice for doors facing in this direction, but colors such as orange, yellow and purple can be used as well. Bottom line, you want to get something that “pops” with this particular entrance.


The Southwest energy associated with Feng Shui is one of love, Earth and maternity. It’s one of the more calming energies and should be treated accordingly with its corresponding color. Try to utilize Earthy colors that mimic the world around you for this door, a sandy khaki, slight pink or light brown would go well in this area.


West facing doors channel the energy of metal and steel. It’s an industrial energy that hails in the force of power and stability. The best color options for this direction of energy flow would be gray or white. You can also choose to use Earthy elements and tones for this opening because of the proximity and likeness to the energy of the “Southwest”.


North is an important element in Feng Shui because of its relation to the element of Water. It’s the only direction associated with this element, and so requires equally soothing and calming colors to compliment it’s location. The colors best for this door are black and blue. But, the energy of metal can also be channeled through this “mouth” if necessary for color compliments.

Also, you can see the short video about front doors feng shui: