Actual Bathroom Feng Shui Rules

Typically, we do not give much thought to our bathrooms, particularly when it reaches to feng shui since they are taken as a taboo spot in our home. The more fuddy duddy types of feng shui master will even go as far as to suggest that they make them quite small as possible, keep them out the main house and out of sight if possible.

Today, feng shui needs some recommendations to go hand in hand with modern living, as many of us who like our mod-cons don’t see our WCs and bathrooms as places where waste is flushed down, but as individual sanctuaries where we refuge to relax. For some people, the bathrooms even rival the position of favorite rooms of the house! So, here are the actual bathroom feng shui rules.

Maintain your bathroom carpets to avoid smells may be emitted by your bathroom carpets

Bathroom Carpet

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Avoid Locating your Bathroom In SW Or NW Sector

No matter how nice you may make your bathroom, still it will be seen as a taboo to some degree, hence to be safe, ensure you keep them far away from your two main important sectors: Southwest and the Northwest . NW sector symbolizes the Patriarch and the bathroom flushes down here. 0n a similar case the southwest represents the Matriarch.

In feng shui, you always strive to conserve the fortune of the Father and Mother, followed by the good chance of the remaining part of your family. Of the family will follow. In case you buy a house with its bathroom in the SW / NW, and you can’t change its layout, it’s wise to make sure that the bathroom is located in a different sector and not in the NW/SW sector.

Avoid Golden Baths


Having golden gilded bathroom is not only vulgar, but also bad feng shui! It does not have to be exactly real gold so as it results to bad luck in your bathroom.

No Bathroom above Your Main Door

A super popular design that has so many developers can be used to design a house lay-out plan where the toilet and the master bathroom are right above the main door. It is hard to comprehend how that ended up becoming a norm with most of the housing projects, but this is definitely a great taboo. What is worse than having a bathroom spoil the feng shui of auspicious sectors? To have the bathroom right above your most crucial sector of all — your main door!

As such, always look out for this taboo prior to putting down your down payment for your new dream home. If you are already living in such a home and have been undergoing a series of bad luck after you moved in, it’s so worth to spend the resources and cash to make some essential changes — either to your main door, or to the location of your bathroom. As this configuration does not just bring its own share of bad luck, it may be dangerous as well.

Ensure your bathroom does not share walls with your beds

When you are designing your bathroom, ensure your bathroom does not at any point border with your bed wall. It is fine to have your bedroom located right next to the bathroom (that’s called en suite, and the more en suites you have, the higher the value of your house).

Choose the appropriate color scheme


Do not make your bathroom too much yin.Although bathrooms are meant to be a place where you should relax , scrub and cleanse yourself ,it should be more yang and not been yin.You should go for colors that are bright as opposed to the dark colors. Cream, pastel and whites work better for bathrooms than khakis, blacks and maroons. In case you choose a dark color, ensure the will contrast well by ensuring they are painted with a lighter color. You can also add other things like feng shui mirror placement in bathroom.