Best Canister Vacuum Reviews

Best Canister Vacuum Reviews 2017

Well researched and unbiased best canister vacuum reviews made by actual users are great sources of useful, updated, and reliable information which will lead to wise and well informed buying decisions to help you choose the most suitable product for your needs. A good canister vacuum cleaner is important to keep your home free from dust and allergens. A cleaner home environment with great indoor quality will not just give you a complete sense of happiness and comfort for it will also contribute to you and your family’s better health.

So, based on the best canister vacuum reviews, what are really the strong selling points of a top quality vacuum? What exactly do you have to check when looking for a good canister vacuum?

  • The best canister vacuum is compact and lightweight that requires minimal effort when you carry it and easily maneuver around your furniture pieces to make vacuuming less tiring and more efficient for you.
  • A more powerful motor is equivalent to a canister vacuum with a reliable suction, which then results to more thoroughly cleaned carpets and floors. Canister vacuums that feature turbo heads are believed to be better in cleaning carpets than the ones without them.
  • It is good to pick a vacuum that comes with extra useful tools like a crevice tool for hard to reach areas and corners, or an upholstery tool which can facilitate easy cleaning of soft furnishings and drapes to contribute to an easier and more thorough cleaning of your home.
  • The filter is a very important feature as far as the best canister vacuum is concerned. A good filter has the ability of trapping even the smallest dust particles which include pollen, droppings of cockroaches, and feces of dust mites. The best and most highly recommended filter is a HEPA filter that can trap as much as 99.9 percent of fine dust particles down to as tiny as 0.3 microns to result in better quality of air around your house. This makes it a wise option for those who suffer from allergies.
  • A long power cord for your canister vacuum means that you can have an easy and quick cleaning task at one go with no need for you to plug it in and out during the entire process.
  • The best unit also comes with bag-less vacuums or quick release self-sealing bags with a see through bin for dust collection released with a very simple mechanism to offer an easier and more convenient disposal of collected dust to prevent the dust puffs from going back to the air.
  • A reliable canister vacuum is one that features an adjustable telescopic wand based on your most comfortable height so that you will not suffer from any back pains every time you vacuum. This will also ensure an easier floor to ceiling and whole house cleaning.
  • Motor warranty and durability are also among the plus points you have to consider. You can now find models with a motor warranty that lasts from 1 year to as much as 7 years.

How to be precise: use of laser level for tiling

How to be precise: use of laser level for tiling

Modern interiors not imaginable without tiles

The luxurious appearance of modern elite fashion collections of ceramic tiles is able to surprise even the well-known designers. It is impossible to decorate the interior without a perfect tile, but then the perfection one needs to achieve is significantly aided by this convenient device, laser level for tiling.

Nowadays, tiles of huge variety are available – made of natural ceramics are another unique finishing materials made from special clays. The volume range and reasonable prices, quality and durability, excellent appearance of new collections, which is created by artists, technologists and designers, are an important advantage of the unique decor of your modern interior and exterior.

Laying ceramic tiles and various types of interior and exterior tiles using a laser leveling arrangement is one of the most sophisticated types of decorations for walls, floors, walls and other interior elements. The luxurious look of ceramic tile tile is able to easily transform an ordinary kitchen or bathroom into an oasis of flowering plants, color and beauty of natural stone.

Why laser level for tiling?

A laser leveling tool represents a new solution of interior design for laying ceramic tile that provides maximum-precision finishing. The best laser level tools are now in vast variety and can be delivered to your door from the online store, at more favorable prices compared to conventional stores.

The range of the laser beam allows for precise alignment and tile laying, even over a large area and will be a real help for professionals carrying out construction, finishing and repair works for homes, larger interiors or exteriors, country houses, pools, yards and other flooring. Laying tiles using a laser leveling is a new level of work with the highest precision. Leveler projected onto the surface of the floor or the walls with straight horizontal or vertical lines allows avoiding errors and reach the desired precision and neat look.

The laser-levelling tool consists powerful lights made using light-emitting diodes, the beam of which is visible to the naked eye and is projected as a guideline strictly in a predetermined direction. The device projects a classic cross from beams, allowing navigating during the laying of tiles. This approach allows you to provide perfect quality of finishing works, tiling different professional work, even to those who are not experienced specialists. Based on your selected model, options may be as sophisticated as well as more multi-functional, allowing you to use the tool both for indoor and outdoor works, without reducing the light quality under the sun or sharp lighting source. Compare your needs with the options available and choose the best option for your needs.

What are the options?

Options may vary from the simplest to more sophisticated ones. from a very simple laser square, that is functioning the same as an iron or wooden square, or it may be a two-beam laser for flooring that shows height deviation from the desired through angular rays of light and, if the rays bifurcate, the floor area is not at the correct height, or it may be three-dimensional device that leads to most accurate precision.

Actual Bathroom Feng Shui Rules

Typically, we do not give much thought to our bathrooms, particularly when it reaches to feng shui since they are taken as a taboo spot in our home. The more fuddy duddy types of feng shui master will even go as far as to suggest that they make them quite small as possible, keep them out the main house and out of sight if possible.

Today, feng shui needs some recommendations to go hand in hand with modern living, as many of us who like our mod-cons don’t see our WCs and bathrooms as places where waste is flushed down, but as individual sanctuaries where we refuge to relax. For some people, the bathrooms even rival the position of favorite rooms of the house! So, here are the actual bathroom feng shui rules.

Maintain your bathroom carpets to avoid smells may be emitted by your bathroom carpets

Bathroom Carpet

Do you have an electric toothbrush, and If not, what are you really waiting for? If you have been on the fence about switching to electric toothbrushes, then you are headed into the right path. An electronic toothbrush helps keep your teeth, tongue, and gums healthier and cleaner. It is also an amazing way to deal with constant gum diseases, gingivitis, and bad breath. On top of all that, an best electric toothbrush is also very much easy to place in feng shui bathrooms.

Avoid Locating your Bathroom In SW Or NW Sector

No matter how nice you may make your bathroom, still it will be seen as a taboo to some degree, hence to be safe, ensure you keep them far away from your two main important sectors: Southwest and the Northwest . NW sector symbolizes the Patriarch and the bathroom flushes down here. 0n a similar case the southwest represents the Matriarch.

In feng shui, you always strive to conserve the fortune of the Father and Mother, followed by the good chance of the remaining part of your family. Of the family will follow. In case you buy a house with its bathroom in the SW / NW, and you can’t change its layout, it’s wise to make sure that the bathroom is located in a different sector and not in the NW/SW sector.

Avoid Golden Baths


Having golden gilded bathroom is not only vulgar, but also bad feng shui! It does not have to be exactly real gold so as it results to bad luck in your bathroom.

No Bathroom above Your Main Door

A super popular design that has so many developers can be used to design a house lay-out plan where the toilet and the master bathroom are right above the main door. It is hard to comprehend how that ended up becoming a norm with most of the housing projects, but this is definitely a great taboo. What is worse than having a bathroom spoil the feng shui of auspicious sectors? To have the bathroom right above your most crucial sector of all — your main door!

As such, always look out for this taboo prior to putting down your down payment for your new dream home. If you are already living in such a home and have been undergoing a series of bad luck after you moved in, it’s so worth to spend the resources and cash to make some essential changes — either to your main door, or to the location of your bathroom. As this configuration does not just bring its own share of bad luck, it may be dangerous as well.

Ensure your bathroom does not share walls with your beds

When you are designing your bathroom, ensure your bathroom does not at any point border with your bed wall. It is fine to have your bedroom located right next to the bathroom (that’s called en suite, and the more en suites you have, the higher the value of your house).

Choose the appropriate color scheme


Do not make your bathroom too much yin.Although bathrooms are meant to be a place where you should relax , scrub and cleanse yourself ,it should be more yang and not been yin.You should go for colors that are bright as opposed to the dark colors. Cream, pastel and whites work better for bathrooms than khakis, blacks and maroons. In case you choose a dark color, ensure the will contrast well by ensuring they are painted with a lighter color. You can also add other things like feng shui mirror placement in bathroom.

Feng Shui and the Front Door

The Mouth of ChiFeng Shui is a Chinese philosophy based on the organization and placement of objects throughout a space for optimal “flow of energy”. Likewise, different objects have various degrees of power and relevance when pertaining to the overall “feng shui” of a space. One of, if not the most important element of this practice is the Front Door entrance to a home and its color.

The Mouth of Chi: The Front door is considered to be the entrance or “mouth” of chi into a home. It’s here that the energy is taken in first, and distributed throughout the home. Depending on the quality and set-up of your entrance, will determine the levels and quality of energy being dispersed throughout the interior.

Placement of the Door


Depending on where the door is located and facing in your home, makes all the difference in the element and color of Feng Shui being utilized in that area. If the door is facing East, its element is wood which is characterized by the colors green and brown. East is natural and comforting in the philosophy of Feng Shui, if you cannot use these colors with your home try looking up a “productive cycle” for Feng Shui online for more options.


Because the door is technically facing “East” the same color wheel of wood, green and brown can be used for this entrance. However, the Southeast face is commonly related to the “money and wealth” Chi, so a light or dark blue would definitely be appropriate for this door.


South is one of, if not the most commanding of all Feng Shui energy, the element of “Fire”. Red is the first choice for doors facing in this direction, but colors such as orange, yellow and purple can be used as well. Bottom line, you want to get something that “pops” with this particular entrance.


The Southwest energy associated with Feng Shui is one of love, Earth and maternity. It’s one of the more calming energies and should be treated accordingly with its corresponding color. Try to utilize Earthy colors that mimic the world around you for this door, a sandy khaki, slight pink or light brown would go well in this area.


West facing doors channel the energy of metal and steel. It’s an industrial energy that hails in the force of power and stability. The best color options for this direction of energy flow would be gray or white. You can also choose to use Earthy elements and tones for this opening because of the proximity and likeness to the energy of the “Southwest”.


North is an important element in Feng Shui because of its relation to the element of Water. It’s the only direction associated with this element, and so requires equally soothing and calming colors to compliment it’s location. The colors best for this door are black and blue. But, the energy of metal can also be channeled through this “mouth” if necessary for color compliments.

Also, you can see the short video about front doors feng shui:

Home design: All you need to know about Feng shui

Avid followers of feng shui have a strong belief that good luck comes to those with a good feng shui home while bad luck is a part and parcel of bad feng shui. Moreover, while locating buildings, plots, placing decor, oriental homes as well as planning gardens, everyone would prefer unhindered energy flow. If we keep the features of feng shui in mind, then this dream can turn to reality. Inclusive of these features are alignment, design and decor. A good feng shui home should generally be on a relatively flat land, should be sunny and airy too.

Some of the general Feng Shui home design rules include:

Front door


This is the main door and should be the largest in the home. It should not open into a bathroom, mirror or kitchen area. What would appear better when opening it is the sight of green plants, red decorations, calligraphies or classy paintings. Doors on the cardinal directions are viewed as bad positioning. You should try avoiding front doors that are arch-shaped with a tombstone resemblance.



The overall home harmony is very dependent on the kitchen location. This is because what you eat, where and how you do it are all part of the vitality and health science. Your kitchen should never face south as food may rapidly deteriorate. You should also avoid sharing a door with the washroom. The kitchen floor should be lower than other floor rooms in that home. Your stove should not at any point face the balcony, bathroom door, refrigerator, sink or passage. There should be a solid wall behind your stove and between the kitchen ventilator and stove, there should not be a window. In case of any spare space, some plants should be placed in the kitchen.

Living room


This is the ultimate relaxation sanctuary in a home. You should avoid beams, pillars and sharp corners in a living room. In case of a sharp corner, you can opt to have a luxuriant plant, fish bowl or cabinet. Beams should certainly be covered. You can cover a side pillar with a shelf, cabinet or book. You can choose to decorate a single pillar with lights or paintings.

Remember to place your heavy furniture’s or sofas in such a way that they occupy the west and southern areas of the room. The northeast sector is considered the knowledge sector so avoid blockages or furniture there. Try by all means to avoid a tea table that is diamond shaped. The goal here is to be lower than knee of the sitter. Hang a painting of a landscape or set an elliptical or semicircle furnishing over low cabinet. Laying a carpet on the sofa’s front is considered auspicious.

Master bedroom


This is one of the most vital rooms in any good home. The sleep quality is obviously of more importance than the length of sleep you have. Some locations are better for peaceful sleeping as compared to others. A wooden cot or bed is better because wood is warm and benign unlike metal beds that are oppressive and cold.

Toilet and bathroom


In earlier days, toilets were not attached to the main house unlike these days. Feng Shui requires the toilet to be furthest from the kitchen because the food and toilet energies are not compatible. The bathroom on its part should be both airy and dry. Granite and marble tiles are most suitable. You should decorate it with black, blue or white colors. Bath curtains that are a cause of static electricity should be avoided at all costs.



The windows a vital component of a home and can therefore not be neglected. You need to avoid windows with sharp corners or triangle ones. The good ones are vaulted, square and round. The vaulted and round ones are good for a living room, entryway and bedroom. Square ones are best suited for the study and dining room. If your window is facing a sharp corner, dirty stuff, or hospital with the distance in between being quite short, the window should be covered with wooden blinds and not opened frequently. The windows should also be covered with curtains or blinds if they are too big.

Study room


The study room’s door should never should never at any time face the bathroom or the kitchen. The furniture should be dignified and dark colored. The writing desk should not have a beam over it. Also, the desk should not lean against the bathroom wall nor face it. Putting some plants on the desk would be nice too.

Dining room


This room should be elegant and clean. It should have a combination of light colored and simple walls, photos of flowers or food, tasteful light, etc. try to avoid a diamond or triangle dining table; a square or round one is okay. Try to also avoid glass or marble tables. The table should be set in a place that does not face the toilet, passage or front door.



The entry way should be bright, medium-sized and tidy. You should place the ceiling high and not use glass, dark color or mirror for it. The light should be round or square but certainly not triangle. The wall is to be flat and not too bright or dark; the upper part being bright and the lower being dark is however okay. The floor is good if flat and not slippery. Preferable, its color should be dark on the sides and bright on the center. Do not use sharp patterns to decorate it.



Bedrooms should be quiet, airy and bright. The bedroom door should neither face the kitchen nor the bathroom. The walls will seem better if painted with soft colors; do not make the mistake of decorating them with metal, marble or glass. Avoid items that reflect light e.g. memorial tablet, sword, knife etc. the bed should be placed higher than the knee level and in a southern direction. A beam, pendent lamp, air-conditioner etc. should not be over the bed’s head. Lighting should be standard.

Adapting to these feng shui principles helps in the creation of a harmonious working and living environment. Regardless of the feng shui school you follow, these rules always apply!

Feng Shui For My Home

Good Feng Shui bedroom?

A good Feng Shui bedroom is a bedroom that promotes a harmonious flow of nourishing and sensual energy. It is a bedroom that invites you, lures you in, excites and calms at the same time. A good Feng Shui bedroom is fun and pleasurable to be in, either you are there for a quick nap, a good night sleep or to make passionate love!

How to improve love life with Feng Shui? Tips

Setting up your Passion Corner of your bedroom also known as your love and romance corner in Feng Shui is very important for creating the energy shift that you need. This is especially important if has been quiet in Passion and Erotic part of your relationship. The passion and romance corner of your bedroom is your rear right hand corner of your bedroom .

How to use colors with Feng Shui?

Even scientists and biologists agree that color can and does affect your mood. When you are surrounded by bright, cheery, energetic colors, you feel more upbeat and enthused. When you are surrounded by darker, warmer colors, you feel more calm and relaxed. When applying the principles of feng shui colors, you need to remember this and consider the mood you are trying to create in each room.